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Embroidery digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing

In the past Embroidery digitizing was treated and thought of as only art or a pleasurable pastime activity, since the near past, it has become an important high-tech means and approach of improving the quality of the design industry. So embroidery digitizing came into view at a crucial time when automation confronted with the embroidery and completely guaranteed the improved performance to get excelling results and outputs than a traditional art form. The value and significance of Embroidery digitizing can never be overlooked as it plays a vital role whether in making company logos, adding more depth to the garment, or embroidering a fashionable design.

Embroidery digitizing is a true sense is a method of transforming any type of design, text, or any piece of artwork into an embroidered design in which an embroidery machine can read and apply the embroidery on a piece of fabric is called Embroidery Digitizing. Distinguished and highly professional craftsmen using special computer software convert a design or illustrated artwork into a machine-readable scheme. The process of embroidery digitizing is carried through embroidery software which differs from the rest of the others. This difference depends on the requisition of the machine which finally embroiders the design.

In simple words embroidery digitizing is tracing and sketching the artwork with stitches by using embroidery software to convert it into embroidery machine readable files. Embroidery digitizing means creating files that contain commands which control the movement of an embroidery machine’s loop and needles. These files convert art form into embroidery for decorating the garments, patch making or fancy repair. The process of embroidery digitizing is not an easy task rather it is somewhat complicated. The art of embroidery digitizing comes from knowing and appreciating the characteristics of thread and textiles and using these qualities to create textures.

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Embroidery Digitizing & Vector Art & ALot More

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Embroidery Digitizing

Vector Art

PVC Patches

Matchless embroidery digitizing with the convenience of the flat-rate price plan without any additional charges on rush orders.

Experience the artistic work of highly skilled Embroidery digitizing and vector art designers of our company with convenience of very affordable charges.

We can fulfill all your needs of PVC patches made with high quality material & skills.

Embroidery digitizing
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Woven Patches

Embroidery Patches


We have latest machinery to produce high quality woven patches.

We have state of the art department for making embroidery patches. Which can provide any type of embroidery patches in short time.

We already have in stock sizing lebels and can deliver you shortly other than this we can provide any type of label on demand in any quantity.

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Embroidery digitizing


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All our working model based on high quality embroidery digitizing which saves your precious time & money.

Our clients are very satisfied & happy with our Affordable price plan model.

Free of cost Edits & estimates. We also charge nothing on first two orders so do not hesitate to try us.

We have highly effective and fast turnaround time and charge no additional cost for it.


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If you are anxious and awaiting a supplier to satisfy all your urgent demands and commitments pertinent with embroidery digitizing & vector art, don’t go away, we are the best feasible ultimate option for you.
We are embroidery digitizing family of well experienced and skillful professionals, expert in converting any form of dim and obscure figures and images into fine artwork.
Our payment plan and procedure is economically affordable and especially we offer low- cost flat rates against per thousand stitch cost.

We are the iconic brand and trademark in the embroidery digitizing industry, delivering you the best effectual results with value addition service. We digitize the designs that are optimal with thread changes, easily readable for your embroidery machine without a hitch and finally presents crispy look.






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